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UNIVERSITATEA ‘EFTIMIE MURGU’ (UEM) of RESITA is situated in the south-west part of Romania, in the Caras-Severin region. The ‘Eftimie Murgu’ University was founded in 1971.

In the academic year 2006/2007 there are 3,500 students. The main activities are: Learning, Scientific Research, and International Relations.

There are two Faculties: the Faculty of Engineering, founded in 1971 and the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, founded in 1995.

Scientific research, together with training, has always been one of the major activities and interests of the university.

The activity of fundamental and applied scientific research is carried out within the faculties, chairs and specialised research centres, according to the annual and perspective contractual plans, established autonomously, according to national research programmes, co-operation with institutes and departments of foreign universities, national and international scientific symposiums and so on.

The Centre of Research in Hydraulics, Automation and Heat Processes, the Centre of Technologic Transfer and the Centre of Research in Social Sciences and Humanities are all based here.

The University also participates in European programmes such as Tempus, Socrates/Erasmus, Culture 2000 and Leonardo da Vinci programmes and cooperates with various Universities in: Germany, Italy, Greece, Yugoslavia, Austria, Moldavia, France, and Canada.

 Web: www.uem.ro



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